We strive to offer our guests the best service.

Villa Apollo is a multifaceted destination in Pargas which is part of the Turku archipelago.

Arranging meetings, conferences, training sessions or private events in this historic environment guarantees a memorable and pleasant overall experience. In addition Villa Apollo is the perfect weekend destination with its rewarding mixture of nature, antiques and local handicraft products.

Our network of business partners within the Turku archipelago area enables us to offer a multitude of service offerings, including but not limited to premises, entertaining program, transportation arrangements, lodging etc.




Villa Apollo’s main building and a beach-house on the shore serves equally for the more discerning conference- and party guests.



We serve genuine home-cooked delicacies prepared in our own kitchen. Our kitchen favours the commodities from the local producers.



Villa Apollo offers hotel standard, individual accommodation, in two rooms on the top floor of the beach-house.



Sauna, Cooking courses, Tasting, Team games, Colour therapies or jooga


Antiikin ja vanhan tavaran ystäville sekä sisustamisesta kiinnostuneille Villa Apollo on unohtumaton kokemus. Koko talo on sisustettu Aboa Antiqua -antiikkiliikkeen esineistöllä eri tyylein 1700-luvun lopulta 1930 luvulle ja periaatteena on, että kaikki mikä on esillä, on myös myynnissä.

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